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Our trained and qualified nurses will deliver top-notch nursing care for the seniors in your home. We will ensure that our nurses offer warm and affectionate care and support that is both physical as well as psychological.

Best Home Health Care Service in Madurai

To provide the best care to every patient through a strong focus on service excellence and simplified processes guided by evidence-based medical care and technology in the following areas- Preventive Care | Pre/Post Natal Care | Post-operative Care | Critical Care | Chronic Disease Management | Palliative Care | & Elder Care.

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Our Expertise

To provide the best care to every patient through a strong focus on service excellence and simplified processes guided by evidence-based medical care and technology  Care.

Home Nursing Service

The main goal of Home Nursing service is to treat an illness or injury. The home nursing services usually entails wound care for pressure sores or surgical wound, patient and care – giver education, Intravenous or nutrition therapy, injections, rehabilitation therapies and monitoring serious illness and unstable health status.

Critical Care at Home

When a family member needs long term ICU care, a lot of doctors and hospitals advise for such care to be provided at home if possible, in case there are no active interventions to be done.

The patient is happier at home and healing can happen without the threat of hospital acquired infections. This is financially easier for the family as well considering such care at home comes at least 30% cheaper than in a hospital.

Elder #Senior Care

Eldercare is specialized care that is designed to meet the needs and requirements of senior citizens at various stages of life. It’s a broad term that encompasses everything from assisted living and nursing care to home care and hospice care. It is a comprehensive and unique preventive/therapeutic solution for the senior population of the country.

Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapists are better able to help patients regain mobility, as they have a better understanding of how the body works and are trained in clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat disabilities. Physiotherapists can help patients recover from injuries and disabilities ranging from back pain, neck pain, knee pain to ligament issues.

Lab Tests At Home

We offer complete body health check up packages for you and your family, keep in mind that annual health check up is really important as we grow up, because with the growing age we become more susceptible to various diseases so complete body health check is really important to detect health problems before they become serious or incurable. 

Doctor Consultation at Home

Every once in a while, you’re bound to need to consult with a doctor for general health check-up, seasonal fever, acute diseases, chronic illness, and more. It many situations, we are physically weak and prefer to stay at home and even a visit to a doctor seems an uphill task. If given an option we would rather prefer a doctor to give us a visit, rather than we having to visit him personally.

Assisted Living for Senior Citizens"

Presenting to you the first of its kind, 24 x 7 Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Home Care services, exclusively for Senior Citizens, under the expert care of Geriatricians. Geri Care Assisted Living for Senior Citizens is a state of the art residential arrangements for senior citizens who require some form of medical attention.

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